The Naturally Fabulous Affiliate Opportunity

We love sharing our fabulous all-natural beauty products with you, and we’d love it if you joined us in promoting our healthy message of body positivity and empowerment through higher standards within the cosmetics industry.

  • To apply, please read our affiliate program’s Terms & Conditions (“Program Terms and Policies”) and fill out the requested information on this page: All application submissions will be reviewed and considered by our team. Naturally Fabulous cosmetics reserves the right to reject submissions for any reason, at our own discretion. Affiliates typically hear back about their status within 1-2 weeks of their application date.
  • Members of our Affiliate Program receive 10% commissions on all purchases made by their readers, subscribers and followers through content that includes an official affiliate tracking link. Using your unique link, we’ll know when traffic and sales are coming from you – no matter how many times you post, or about which products. We currently only offer referral links (no coupon codes).
  • In order to get the most commission possible within a month (we don’t set a commission cap!), you just need to send people to the site using your link. If friends, family, or followers make a purchase through your unique referral link, you get a percentage of that sale.
  • If a visitor comes to our site via an affiliate link, a suggested referral will be valid until 90 days after they clicked that affiliate link.
  • There are no penalties for no sales being made, and being a Naturally Fabulous affiliate is free!
  • We currently do not send out products or samples to members of our affiliate program. When you visit the site to shop, keep in mind that we don’t allow commission on personal purchases.
  • The Naturally Fabulous logo can only be used to link from your website, blog, or social channel to the Naturally Fabulous website.
  • To access promotional media provided by Naturally Fabulous, log into your affiliate dashboard at:  From the Dashboard, navigate to Promotional Media where you’ll see banners of all sizes for you to choose from for use on your website or social channels. You can use any of the images provided on your blog or social channels. You are not required to use any of them – they’re only provided for if you want to use them.
  • Promotional content must be related to the beauty or makeup industries and must meet Naturally Fabulous’ standards of quality. Nudity, sexually explicit images or derogatory language are prohibited. Link generator and coupon sites will be rejected.
  • You can promote other brands along with Naturally Fabulous. There is no requirement for how many times you post about our program.
  • We currently do not offer products for sale before their official product launch date, but we promise you’ll be the first to know when they are launching!
  • If you want to leave the program, please reach out to and ask to be removed from our affiliate program. Then we will disable your affiliate account and referral link, and let you know when it’s complete! Going forward, no commissions will be paid to that account.

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