As a professional Life Strategies Coach, Aleisha works together with individuals to achieve fulfilling outcomes in many areas of their lives, utilising creative approaches and artistic media as tools for personal exploration and development.  

Through her business The Art Within she provided individuals a safe and creative space as well as the guidance and support necessary to assist them in achieving their goals.

Her passion for cosmetics arose while working in theatre, where she not only performed in, wrote and directed stage performances, but where she also worked in Costume and Stage Make-up.  This passion was further encouraged when she began to seek out healthier options for her own sensitive skin – she not only suffers from eczema and rosacea, but is also sensitive to multiple chemicals and has a histamine intolerance – not to mention of course the wrinkles and age spots!  

Finding little that excited her in the natural cosmetics market, and even less that was truly as natural as it claimed to be (beauty SHOULD NOT hurt!), she began to study methods of formulating her own natural cosmetics and thus, her first natural cosmetics business, Bling!Beauty, was born.

Having more than a healthy flair for the dramatic, Aleisha has always enjoyed the transformative power of cosmetics – both as a mechanism for aesthetic expression and as a tool for personal empowerment.  Through her work in the cosmetics industry, Aleisha seeks to provide healthy alternatives to the mainstream cosmetics while also encouraging that healthy flair for the dramatic in others.

Nearly a decade later, she is proud to be bringing together her varied skills and areas of expertise in her position as CEO of Naturally Fabulous, a fresh take on her tried, tested and true vision for a healthy and body-positive cosmetics company.

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