Q. I have really dry, blotchy skin. I’ve tried all sorts of foundations but it always seems like I’m just setting a mask on top of my dry skin. Won’t powder foundation be even worse for me?


A. Dry skin can be unpleasant to deal with but with the proper skin care habits, you can have smooth, clear looking skin every day without feeling – or looking like – you’re wearing a mask! First of all, make sure to keep hydrated internally and externally by drinking lots of water and by moisturizing your skin daily. A good, gentle exfoliant will also help to slough off those dry dead skin cells. You will be happy to know that our lightweight Flawless Foundations are designed to not clog your pores and to blend flawlessly with your natural skin tone for a look that will last all day and never dry out. Simply buff a thin layer of powder onto your skin after moisturizing, building up coverage only where you need it the most. Our powders give a silky smooth, nourished feel.

Q. I’m proud to announce that I have just been blessed with the most beautiful daughter (okay, maybe I am biased). With our first “date night” approaching, now that we have a sitter for the night, I’m eager to re-embrace my pre-pregnancy style. I used to always wear a full face of make-up every day, but I’m worried that my baby’s sensitive skin will be irritated by touching me – and all I want to do is snuggle up next to her all day long! Is there anything I can use that will be safe for her and fun for me?


A. Congratulations! While it can be tough to find the time, it is so important for a new mom such as you to take time for yourself, even if it’s only slipping on some lipgloss! Of course, we know you’re already naturally fabulous, so we hope you don’t feel pressured to be anyone else’s version of what a new mom should look like. If you don’t want to wear any makeup at all, then you rock your natural beauty!

But since you asked, you’ll be happy to know that Naturally Fabulous cosmetics are ALL completely safe for even your gorgeous daughter’s sensitive skin to touch, taste and snuggle. In fact, the only “extra” ingredients we’ve added to our products are special anti-inflammatory and soothing natural extracts and oils like Vitamin E, which actually help to make your skin look and feel healthier while you look glamourous! So rock on with your gorgeous self on that first date, pretty mama!

Q. I care a lot about the ingredients which I use on my skin and in terms of the environment, which was why I started to use organic, all-natural cosmetics. However, I’ve noticed that a lot of the ingredients used by so-called “natural” cosmetics companies aren’t actually very good for me – parabens, no thank you!!!! What’s with all of these horrible ingredients in all-natural make-up?!


A. Unfortunately, the cosmetics industry in North America is widely unregulated, so many companies are free to make wild and often misleading claims as to the “natural” aspect of their product.

There are two sides to this: on one hand, there are some companies which make certain health claims despite not actually producing products which are healthy at all but which contain so-called “claims” ingredients such as extracts, typically included as some of the last ingredients on the list, which means they could be present in as little as .01 per cent of final product – if at all. In this concentration, most ingredients are simply ineffectual, except for their use in a “greenwashing” context, whereby healthy sounding ingredients are advertised by companies in an effort to distract consumers from noticing all of the harmful ingredients which are present in their formulations.

Then, you have some companies which actually do use mostly natural ingredients, however what you might not realise is that not every natural ingredient is actually good for your health. Some “natural” companies market products which are technically all-natural but which are actually quite harmful to your health.

As a consumer, we at Naturally Fabulous believe that you have a right to know what ingredients you are putting on your skin, which are for the most part absorbed into your body, So we’ve created a section of our website fully describing the types of ingredients that could potentially be harmful to you (all of which we NEVER use!), and the ingredients we use in our cosmetic formulations, which are not only natural, but are also all healthy ingredients for your body. We are passionate about helping to make the cosmetics industry a lot more transparent and a lot more healthy for you, and we’re glad that you care about these things too!

Do you have a question for Naturally Fabulous? We would love to hear from you!

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